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Why Distance Education is Growing in Stature in India?

India is a growing economy and it has a lot of untapped potential in terms of its young population. However the only precondition is making this youth usable for the benefit of country, which requires educating them. Every year there are millions of children who despite gaining passing scores are not able to get admission in any college and therefore are devoid of exercising their basic right to education.  Then there are some students who due to bad financial state are not able to take the regular classes as the fees for these classes are out of their reach. Such a condition is really undesirable and makes a mockery of “education for all” motto of our constitution. If youth is not educated properly than we cannot expect it to bear the responsibility of our country’s growing economy. Education is empowerment, irrespective of the caste and class. Distance education has come up as a boon for those who find it difficult to make proper arrangements for regular education. There are several benefits of distance education. Some of those advantages are listed here:

distance education Why Distance Education is Growing in Stature in India? Why Distance Education is Growing in Stature in India? distance education 543

  • Flexibility: The flexibility that distance education provides is one of its biggest advantages over the regular mode of education. One can learn while earning.   If you are a working professional and still want to learn something new or pursue a new degree then you will definitely find distance education a far much feasible option than leaving your job for pursuing the degree.
  • Time saver: Since distance education doesn’t require the physical presence of student, therefore a lot of time is saved which would have been otherwise spent in commuting to and from the college to your home. This will also save on a lot of energy which would be better spent in studying the course curriculum.
  • Self-paced learning: Students find distance mode of education particularly useful owing to its self-paced methodology. Not everyone has the same pace of learning. Some might be quick-learner while there might be others who take more time than usual in learning the same thing. Distance education doesn’t forces students to learn in a pre-defined timeframe.  Students can learn at speed at which they are comfortable.
  • Money saver: This is an obvious advantage that many students avail from distance education. Since there are no regular classes, colleges save on the expenditure of maintaining a proper classroom environment. This saving is passed on to the students as they are required to pay a lot lesser than what they would have paid in the regular mode.  Additionally, a lot of cost saving is achieved due to the non-commuting clause of distance education.
  • An all time access to study material: This benefit is more apparent to those who take online distance education for pursuing a degree. Since the course material is available online they can access it anytime they want. If you have a sudden urge of studying at midnight all you have to do is switch on your laptop and internet connection and you will get the entire course at the click of a button. Furthermore, your classmates in this mode are virtually connected to you all the time.
  • Convenient: If all the above explained reasons were not enough, this one advantage will certainly provide you with a definite reason for pursuing a course through distance education in online mode.  You can submit the assignments with a single click anytime before the deadline. You can study any topic you want any time. The entire course is made available to you once you have submitted the entire fees. After that, it is entirely your choice which topic you want to study first.

India’s distance education system has come a long way from its initial days. There are many well established universities like Dr. BR Ambedkar Open University, which are dedicated for the cause of open education in India. Such centers of educational excellence are the need of the hour for ensuring an educated India, a better India and a stronger India.