Top 10 Points to Consider Before Choosing an Online Course

It is no secret that online education is growing in popularity. The ads are everywhere and the rise in online availability at every home makes it easier to access higher education coursework from their own homes.  Lowest cost, convenience and wide accessibility has made online education take off at high speed.

Once you have decided to take an online course deal and start to Google ‘online learning course’, it brings you up to over 52 million hits. A fair number of these are repeats, still only a fair number of websites offer valid online courses. But how does one go about picking the right one? To do that, one needs to ultimately decide the course and then draw list of questions to ask themselves. Use this list to help you narrow down your choice.

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Try to know about the instructor and the site owner. Cross reference the people named in the site and look at their profiles on LinkedIn and other publicly known sites. Does their online presence match their credentials and do these credentials meet your expectations?


Read your instructors blog, his/her presentations to judge the overall skill level, teaching and writing ability.  Make sure the instructor’s style is vibrant and engaging while the content and quality meet your expectations.

Teaching Experience

Look for a well experienced staff and make sure he/her has taught at a university or corporate level.

Course content and Format

This is the most important aspect one must look for. Take time to read the detailed course descriptions and weekly outline.  The description will convey the course objective and what you expect to learn. The outline demonstrates sample lectures, quizzes, discussions, forums and assignments. The description should match your expectation about the course.

Course material

Make sure whether you need to purchase book for the course.  If you do, watch out, the course may be simply a tutor- led reading group. An online course should be all inclusive.

Syndicated Courses

Most of the wired courses offered by the local high school or college are sourced through a course syndicator. The syndicator is a administration which offers SAME online course to plenty of schools and colleges.

Class size

Find out the upper limit of the number of students in your class. Because even an experienced online instructor taking in a virtual classroom, cannot provide individual personalized attention with a discussion board possessing more than 25 participants.


Compare prices in respect to number of weeks and topics that will be covered during the course. Check for promotions and discounts for the course you have chosen.

Rating and Reviews

There is nothing like a referral to help you in right decision making. So read the public reviews about whatever is associated with the course. Look for testimonial, survey results and prior students.

Contact us

The site must offer contact information and welcome your comments and questions.

Before you come to a decision, make sure you have prompt and satisfactory answers to all the queries you have in mind.