Tips to Choose the Right Musical Instrument for a Child

Many parents dream to provide their children with quality musical education and learned how to play a particular instrument. Very often parents face with the following situation. You’ve decided to send your child to a music school, but then came the first difficulty. You do not know what specific instrument to choose for your kid. In case you visit numerous schools in Mississauga you will be provided with great number of different options. In this situation it is really hard not to get confused. It is great in case the child shows interest in the guitar, piano or violin. Then you can make a choice based on personal preferences of the young musician. However, as a rule, most of children attend musical lessons under compulsion of their parents. That is why, they are unlikely to be able to choose suitable musical instrument for them. So, dear parents, you must be ready to solve this problem by yourself.


A well-known music teacher from Mississauga advise first of all to analyze the workload that will be borne by the child while learning. It is important to understand that, for example, piano lessons will take at least two hours a day. In the future, this time will definitely increase. Moreover, it should be understood that the lessons at the school are held on an acoustic piano. In order to perform a homework and independent rehearsals you will need to purchase a similar instrument and find a place at your apartment for it. However, it is not that easy sometimes. In case you do not have enough space at home to place this bulky musical instrument, you can consider alternative options. It is possible to purchase a synthesizer, which takes up much less space and is easy to transport. The only thing that Mississauga expert advise you to do is to buy a synthesizer with good sound and a standard keyboard. In case you choose a guitar you will not have problems with transportation and storage of the instrument as it is much smaller and is relatively compact. An important advantage is that the child will be able to play on the same guitar at home and at school. This aspect is very important because the kid will not have to adapt to the peculiarities of several instruments constantly. Importantly, do not forget to buy your musician convenient carrying case.

In addition, before to decide to instill love to music in your child and identify what instrument to choose, you should take into account the medical indications. For example, if your baby suffers from asthma, it is better to send him or her to wind instrument music school. No matter what you choose: saxophone, flute, clarinet or tube – the child will develop respiration. Playing wind instrument helps in dealing with the aforementioned disease. In addition, the musical instruments of this group have a positive impact on the formation of posture. For children who have problems with the musculoskeletal system and the coordination of movements, percussion instruments are the best bet. While playing on them the child constantly moves his arms, monitors and controls the rhythm. This has a positive effect on the physical development of the baby.

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