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Regain Your Youth through Tutoring

As a kid, you were probably encouraged to find things that you enjoyed doing and you probably had fun learning how to do those things better. Whether it was a parent, grandparent, teacher, or a coach, someone during your youth, probably helped you explore what your talents were and helped foster those.

The importance of hobbies

Many times, children turn their talents into hobbies. For example, if a child is gifted musically, piano lessons or singing lessons might be a great way to encourage growth in music.  If sports come naturally, being a part of a soccer or baseball team could be fun and enjoyable. Having a hobby (or multiple hobbies) is part of having a memorable childhood and many times, hobbies can last into the teenage years and beyond. However, for many children, hobbies, simply become too much and they end up dropping them. The demands of school or other after school activities may require them to let go of some of the hobbies that they spent so much time cultivating, and whether they want to or not, they simply have to stop. Were you one of those kids?  If you were and you want to regain part of your youth by diving back into the hobby you once abandoned, tutoring a child might be a great way to do that.

The benefits of tutoring

If there is something that you are talented but you stopped pursuing it as a hobby a long time ago, now is the time to pick it back up.  If it means spending extra time on the weekends picking up where you left off so you can sharpen your skills, go for it and dive right back in! Once you feel confident that you are able to teach, tutor, and encourage another person in that area, begin reaching out to whoever you can to see where you can be of assistance.

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Internet basics being taught by a tutor

Did you love playing violin?  Become a violin teacher and help a child learn how to play. Maybe you spent years playing guitar or piano.  Consider opening your home or renting a space to offer music lessons in your spare time.  Maybe you were good at tennis or basketball.  Becoming a tennis teacher or basketball coach are great ways to get back in the game, while also teaching kids the rules and how to learn to play better.

The importance of mentors / tutors to young people

Whether you just volunteer your time or charge hourly as a tutor in a specific hobby, the young people that you interact with can benefit greatly.  If you’re not sure where to start, call local youth program centres, churches, or community program directors to see how you can get involved.

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Tutors can have a massive benefit on young people

Especially for youth that are in low income areas or are struggling with issues in their home life, a mentor that helps build them up, encouraging them to pursue their natural abilities is invaluable.  Mentoring and tutoring programs are also a great way to help students that are struggling and becoming disinterested in school and the academic life.

Having a hobby adds depth to a young person’s life and inspires them to prioritize, organize, and put less focus on time-wasting activities like video games or mindless television shows.  Hobbies help young people to be creative and in turn, their lives become more interesting and fascinating to others.  Wouldn’t it be awesome to be a part of that stage of development in a young person’s life?  A tutor or mentor – outside of their family – can make a life-changing impact on a child.  Consider how you can be a positive influence on the youth in your area today.