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Helping Your Child on the ISEE

The Independent School Entrance Exam, or ISEE, is an entrance exam used by magnet schools and other independent schools. While it technically isn’t a requirement set by the U.S. Department of Education, it has been used for more than 20 years for admission to private schools and magnet schools. It is also used by schools for assessment purposes and to determine a testing schedule for their students. The ISEE is administered at different levels, but all levels contain the same components and cover subjects such as reading comprehension, mathematics, and essay writing.

Preparing for the ISEE can be very stressful for students and parents alike. Students who are interested in enrolling in an independent school usually must pass the exam, and they are only allowed to attempt it once every six months. Though failing the exam isn’t a disaster, it can prove to be a major setback. As with any exam, the key to passing the ISEE is proper preparation. Here are some tips that may prove useful for students who are getting ready to take this exam.

Preparing for a Test

In many ways, the ISEE isn’t that different from most other exams that a student will be given while in school, so the preparation tips that are recommended for most exams definitely apply to the ISEE. Students should always have a quiet space where they can study uninterrupted, preferably at the same time every day. This will help keep study sessions part of their regular routine.

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When it comes to studying particular subjects, there are several different techniques that may come in handy. When studying math, it sometimes helps to make flash cards. It also helps to break longer and more complex problems down into individual steps, turning a seemingly impossible problem into several smaller problems that are much easier to solve. Students might also try to time themselves and see if they can complete a number of math problems in a certain amount of time. Reading comprehension can be improved by reading passages and either taking notes or quizzing students on what the passages are about. Essay writing can be improved with practice. Free-writing exercises make for a great warm-up exercise.

Another great option for those who really want to do well on the test and may need a little extra help is hiring a professional tutor. Tutors can be hired at reasonable rates, and since they work closely with individual students they can tailor lesson plans to fit the student’s needs. Check your local listings or ask someone in your school district if there are tutors available in your area.

ISEE Test Preparation Materials

To prepare for the ISEE itself, many students look to some of the many guides intended for the exam. Many of these guides can be ordered or downloaded for free at www.erblearn.com. These guides will give students an idea of what they can expect when they take the ISEE. Students will still need to devote time to studying for the exam, but having an idea of what kinds of material will be included will definitely give them an advantage.

In the end, preparing for the ISEE isn’t all that different from preparing for any other school test. It does take a lot of hard work, especially if students want high marks, but the most successful students are always those that work the hardest.

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