Business Administration (Accounting) Degree

Business Administration (Accounting) Degree Program in New York

The entire world is running in the hands of mathematics, business, statistical analysis and accountancy all together in symbiotic interconnection. The ASA College is a proud holder of the Business Administration and Accounting Program that promises at integrating conventional courses on accounting in a flexible module that comprises of pertinent interdisciplinary subjects. This program is particularly designed to prepare students for both administrative and accounting niches in various fields of economy.

ASA’s Associate Degree program in Business Administration and Accounting combines theoretical knowledge with substantial computer applications. Such a practical and technical approach benefits the students in the business schools in NYC to develop proficiency in an array of software that are critical in the practice of business management and accounting like Peachtree, QuickBooks, TurboTax and others. The accounting courses offered at ASA are outlined in a pattern that starts from a simple learning experience and gradually becomes a complex module.

Business Administration (Accounting) Degree {focus_keyword} Business Administration (Accounting) Degree Program in New York Business Administration Accounting Degree

Program goals:

Upon completion of the graduate program successfully, the students should be confident enough to demonstrate the following ideals and skills:

  1. Extensive use of interpretive and analytical skills to pinpoint different problems and construct related reports with reference to the frequently used financial statements.
  2. Advanced business building upgraded software is a needful to carry out more technologically updated versions of work strategies on a large scale basis. Thus graduates should appoint industry-standard accounting software, tax software, assemble accurate financial statements, report the essential data as well as compose both individual and business tax contracts and papers.
  3. Apply the leading business and management concepts in reality and hold the power of analytical thinking skills to the managerial decision-making activities.
  4. The social community is diversified comprising of people from myriad backgrounds with categories encircling one’s race, age, creed and financial pertinence. Thus graduates should have the potential to evaluate all the social, moral, civic and cultural issues with reference to business strategies and accounting operations.
  5. A good company is always known by its working ambience and how organized the employees are in dealing with complex business strategies. Therefore the students should learn to provide an environment for functional team management and imbibe good leadership qualities in diverse and dynamic job sectors.
  6. Implementation of fundamental knowledge of business practices and technical expertise that helps to support and facilitate lifelong professional improvement.

Career outlook:

The arena of accounting opens up a vast spectrum of employment opportunities for beginners as well as professional degree holders. Dedicated students graduating from business schools in NYC do not have to go through troubles in finding job options as staff accountants, junior accountants, payroll managers, bookkeepers, loan processors and accounting operatives.

It is evident for students who want to accomplish graduation requirements with a major in Retail Management to easily find jobs as advertising generalist or specialist, promotion operatives, customer service managers, or retail analysts.

Intensive academic training in e-commerce course qualifies graduates to occupy vacant positions in direct marketing, personal selling, brand development, and customer service in a business-to-business and business-to customer framework.