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5 Ways Marijuana Legalization Impacts Schools

Marijuana is a debated topic amongst Americans. Some believe it should be legal and others are convinced the plant does too much harm.

10 states, and the District of Columbia have legalized the use of pot recreationally. A further 21 allow it to be used for medicinal purposes. These changes to the law have had mostly positive impacts.

But how does the legalization of marijuana impact schools? Let’s have a look at the 5 different ways that legalizing marijuana affects schools.

#1 – Education isn’t Interrupted

We all know someone who’s been busted for pot in school. Schools across America have spent decades trying to stamp out marijuana use. When you consider that over 45% of students aged 12 and over have tried marijuana, punishments such as suspension seems like a drastic step.

Sometimes, law enforcement is involved. This drastically changes the future of teens who are otherwise good students. Since the legalization of marijuana, punishments are less severe. It’s still illegal for under 21s to use it recreationally, but schools in general don’t enforce as strict of punishments.

#2 – More Regulations

If it’s out in the open, schools have more control over it. They can educate students about the risks associated with buying marijuana. No more back alley transactions where teens are at risk.

More Regulations

It also allows for the quality of marijuana to be improved. Statistics show that nearly 75% of marijuana sold in the US has added chemicals. Legalized weed is heavily regulated before it’s distributed. Schools can get behind this too, and ensure that students are safe.

#3 – Relaxing for Students

Most students use marijuana in private because of the stigma involved. It’s now become more publicly accepted, so there’s less shame around smoking pot. Certain shops sell paraphernalia for marijuana that enriches the experience.

Grasscity is an online shop that sells products related to the use of marijuana. If I were a college student, I could now go to a head shop near me and find products that enhance my experience. Schools can benefit from more open, relaxed students who aren’t going to be reprimanded as severely.

#4 – Behaviour Improvement

There’s no doubt that marijuana has calming properties. Students with ADHD can be given marijuana for medical purposes, even if they’re under 21. This can solve a host of issues that schools have with student behaviour.

Long gone are the days that students are held back by behaviour. Legalized marijuana gives students more control over their behaviour in school. This obviously, improves their performance as well.

#5 – School Funding

Some schools are overstretched when it comes to resources. Legalized marijuana offers more funding to state schools. Making pot as accessible as alcohol means that the state can tax it heavily. Last year in California, the government took in $18.6 million from marijuana taxation.

Some of this goes into schools, offering better services and resources. In fact, several schools found that there was less strain with more government funding issued to state schools. More teachers, better pay, and more school resources for students to use.

School Funding

And There You Have it!

Five different ways that legalized marijuana impacts schools. The positives are hard to ignore. Perhaps more states will consider legalizing marijuana!

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