5 Tips for Helping Your Child Become a Better Reader

Leaders are readers and any child who improves their reading skills quickly brightens their future in a big way. If you want to position your child to become successful in any field work with them to improve their reading skills. Take the time to read with and to them for a set period each day to boost their level of comprehension and confidence in their reading abilities. Commit fully to improve their reading skills by pushing them a little more during each reading session.

Ask Probing Questions

After reading something ask deep, probing questions to develop your child’s comprehension skills. As the child becomes more adept at logically thinking through to the answer of the question they are better able to comprehend and understand concepts. This increased level of comprehension can instantly improve reading skills as a higher level of understanding helps you read and retain information more quickly.

Offer Help When Needed

If your child makes a mistake when reading a word, mispronouncing the word, lend help by correcting the mistake immediately. Offer an immediate correction creates a fresh, new, correct idea in the mind of the child. Allowing your child to make reading errors for fear of bruising their ego or upsetting their peace of mind or killing their confidence only reinforces the mistake.

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The negative reinforcement will severely affect their reading skills and hurt their future. One note; quickly correct the mistake and allow them to continue reading so you do not interrupt the flow of the reading session. Help your child get the proper meaning from the context of the sentence if they guess wildly and incorrectly on a few word. Resist the urge to drill your child on the vocabulary of certain words as they read. Simply answer questions about the meaning of words in a brief manner and move on, allowing your kid to practice reading to improve their skills.

If you see your child is really struggling with his reading skills, you might consider hiring an English tutor to help.

Set a Daily Reading Goal

Read for at least 30 minutes daily with your child to quickly improve their reading skills. Commit to making reading a big part of your child’s life. Read books both to and with your children to improve their reading and listening skills, both critical to boost their level of comprehension. Build reading into every day activities by playing educational board games, asking your child to read street signs to you and requesting that your child writes and reads the chore list on the refrigerator.

Step it Up

Do not fear reading different level books both with and to your child to improve reading comprehension. Dive into higher level books early in your child’s reading career to test their limits and grow comfortable with being a little bit uncomfortable in the reading process. Your kid will learn so much more quickly if you push them a little bit more each time you sit down to read something. Do not jump into complex, wordy reading but make sure to slowly up the ante by introducing higher level books to your child’s reading curriculum to improve their reading and expand their vocabulary.

Sweeten the Pot

If you want your child to love to learn books, it will not hurt to provide some extra incentive to pick up a book. Offer a later bedtime provided that extra 30 minutes or an hour is spent with a book. Offer some sort of reward for finishing books. Maybe you can buy something your child has had his eye on, or plan a family fun day at the local amusement park. Motivating your children to read more will naturally instill a love of books and an interest in reading.